• Refillable scented candle in marble vessel
  • Refillable scented candle in marble vessel
  • Botanical Flight Candle

Botanical Flight Candle


As you open the Botanical Flight candle, you are presented with the fragrance of a mixed floral bouquet (lilac, lily of the valley, elderflower) in petal pink. As this layer burns down the scent of blooms fades to reveal the next layer, in luscious green (moss, fern, bergamot), created to symbolize leaves with a fragrance that evokes the scent of a deep green forest. Burning down, this layer exposes the base of the candle in deep smoky brown, which is inspired by the hardwood and resins (sandalwood, frankincense) melting into the earth. The BEHNAZ Botanical Flight candle is encased in a black marble exterior vessel representing the earth that sustains our imagined world of flora.

*Size 8oz (burn time of approximately 40 hours)

*Candle refill inserts are available for returning clients at $60.00 each, or you may simply recycle the glass insert, and enjoy repurposing your black marble vessel as a luxurious container for other small objects in your home or office.

*A word about the ingredients we use: BEHNAZ candles are made using a blended soy and coconut wax, and colored with natural dyes.