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  • BEHNAZ Fragrance Flight II

BEHNAZ Fragrance Flight II


Inspired by the exotic aromatic botanicals of the tropics,  BEHNAZ Fragrance Flight II explores the more masculine side of botanical elements, sweet, smoky, woody and earthy.

The set includes three single note fragrances, created with a blend of natural steam distilled essential oils, and organic cane alcohol. Pure Ylang Ylang, Pure Vetiver, and Pure Oud. Each with a distinctly rich scent that stands alone beautifully. The set also allows you to experiment with and layer these natural botanical scents to create your own unique fragrance.

 BEHNAZ Pure Vetiver contains the steam distilled essence of vetiver, with a light green, earthy aroma. Vetiver is an environmentally friendly grass that protects against soil erosion and is also used for weaving household items, benefiting the environment and local economy of our producers in the Caribbean, while creating this luxurious natural fragrance.

 BEHNAZ Pure Ylang Ylang, contains steam distilled essence of ylang ylang flowers, with a sweet floral aroma. Grown in small farms in east Africa, the flowers in our Ylang Ylang fragrance are steam distilled locally at the peak of their freshness.

 BEHNAZ Pure Oud, contains steam distilled essence of agarwood, with a warm woody aroma. Our agarwood essence is sourced from sustainably harvested trees in Southeast Asia that are periodically replanted, and certified by CITES(Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora).

set includes:

BEHNAZ Pure Ylang Ylang 30ml

BEHNAZ Pure Vetiver 30ml
BEHNAZ Pure Oud 30ml

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